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The production department is divided into Tablet Department, Capsule Department and Liquid Orals Department.


The tablet department if further divided into:

(1) Tablet Granulation Area which is equipped with efficient machineries such as Mass Mixer (capacity 100kgs), Multi-mill and Tray Drier.

(2) Tablet Compression Area which is equipped with a single rotary 16 station tablet compression machine and a double rotary 25 station tablet compression machine (capacity 8 lakh tablets per shift) along with tablet de-dusters and vacuum pumps. To maintain higher quality standards the Compression department is also equipped with various in-process testing instruments such as Friability Tester, Digital Weighing Machine with high precision and Disintegration Tester.

(3) Primary Packing Area which is equipped with two blister packaging machines have a capacity of 4 lakh tablets and 10 lakh tablets per shift . It is also equipped with a Strip Packaging machine having a capacity of 4000000 tablets per shift.


The capsule department has a Cone Blender with S.S body for mixing process, a semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine, a Pouch Filling Machine, a Dehumidifier, a scientific two pan balance and a scientific weigh Balance.


The liquid orals department if further divided into:

(1) Liquids Manufacturing Area which has three S.S. manufacturing tanks with a capacity of 200ltrs, 500ltrs and 1500ltrs each. Apart from this we also have a Colloidal Mill, a S.S. Homogenizer, a S.S. Filter Press and a Conductivity Meter for manufacturing of various forms of oral syrups and suspensions.

(2) Liquids Filling and Packing Area where we have a Semi-automatic Bottle (liquid) filling machine which can be pre adjusted to all volumes, a semi-automatic Cap Sealing Machine, a Bottle Inspection Unit and a Semi-automatic bottle Washing Machine.

All the machineries are of good and reputed brands and of higher capacity and quality which can support high volume production requirements. All the machines are periodically maintained and cleaned as per the SOPs furnished by qualified and experienced team of personals. Majority of the parts of machines are of stainless steel conforming to Schedule M and ISI standards and all the major change parts of the machines are available. The company has installed nine Air Handling Unit (AHU) systems and ten fan coil units dedicated to individual production rooms to provide controlled temperature and humidity as per the requirements of various products.