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Q.C & Q.A


The company recently established an in-house Quality Control and Quality Assurance Lab along with Microbiology Lab complying with the latest standards.

The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with latest Instruments such as U.V. Visible Spectrophotometer, Tablet Dissolution Tester, Photoflorimeter, Digital pH meter, Reftractrometer, I.R. Moisture Balance, Digital Weighing Balance with high precision, Karl-Fisher Titrator etc. The Lab also has a chemical testing department where the testing is carried out by highly qualified chemists as per the Standard Operating Procedures. This helps the company to maintain high quality standards.

The Microbiology Laboratory has a clean room area equipped with R-LAF System for performing various tests and experiments. Apart from this it is also equipped with latest Instruments and Machineries such B.O.D Incubator, Hot Air Oven. Steam Sterilizer, Digital Colony Counter, High Precision Microscope which helps the company in maintaining highest quality standards. The experiments and tests in microbiology lab are performed by a qualified microbiologist to obtain higher quality standards.